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Wellness and the FITLeader

Wellness and the FITLeader

Driving a wellness mindset as a balance to today’s fast-paced and challenging environment through custom designed programs, team buildings and Leadership Workshops is important for a holistic approach to organizational effectiveness.


All questions are mandatory to be answered.

    01. Do you currently have a Fitness Consultant Associated with your organization?

    02. Do you organize fitness and wellness activities among your staff?

    03. Do you offer Leadership Trainings / Team Building which incorporate holistic healing and wellbeing?

    04. Do you organize health checks in your office premises for your staff?

    05. Would you agree with the fact that healthy and Fit staff would be more productive at work?

    06. Have you considered having an organized framework to promote a fitness mindset?

    07. Have you considered promoting fitness schemes through corporate discounts?

    08. Do you offer regular health webinars and insights to you employees?

    09. Would you promote online individual and group fitness training for your employees?

    10. Do you provide a platform for employees to connect, participate and record their fitness and wellness activities?

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