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The Rise of Coro-Preneurs

As a new generation of the future gets coined – the Coronials – a new wave of professionals seems to be already on the rise – the Coro-Preneurs.

Talented people and professionals who are effected by the impact of COVID-19, have taken it upon themselves to use this is an opportunity – a silver lining – to follow that dream which till now has eluded them due to the busyness of life and the business of competition. Yes, competition has / had become the sole driver of organisations – to win at whatever the cost may be, to over-achieve at whatever the cost may be.

In this time of slowdown, furloughs, re-structures and reflection, many are exploring new ideas and sharing their knowledge, expertise with the world. However, in each proposal, knowledge share and webinar, there is an offer of support, help and advice at no cost, no obligation… just with the pure intention to support one another during this time… and therein lies the key trait of a Coro-Preneur. Following our passion, supporting others and turning it into a more fulfilling career is an opportunity that has been provided to us – let’s hope many can emerge as a Coro-Preneur! Completing that long overdue website, writing that book, obtaining that coaching certification, working on that business idea – all are becoming realities around us – supported by never seen before camaraderie!

A recent video I saw, referred to this period as The Great Realization… a time when humanity realised what it was doing wrong and adapted to a way of life much more holistic and humane.. and continued with it. Hopefully, many of the new supportive behaviours we are showcasing now will continue to stay and become the new norm. For all we know, many of these may trickle into organisations as well and bring a change in corporate cultures across the world!

At the end, we all may just go back to operating with the same mind-set that we used to or we may learn a lot from these times but one thing is for sure – we should not let this opportunity go by to achieve that one thing we have always wanted to. It’s time to rein in the fear, remain creative, raise hand for help and emerge a Coro-Preneur!

Creative entrepreneurship during a downturn: Harvard Business School Martha Lagace, 23 February 2009

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Aseem Kapoor

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