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Work From Work: The New Normal 2.0

Heading back to workplace is not as easy as before!

As the world learns to live with COVID – 19 and organisations reactivate themselves, Work from Work starts to become the new normal that everyone has to get used to… especially given the realisation that apart from customer facing industries and businesses, a large majority can work from home effectively and perhaps with more success.

As a clear example of the power of human adaptability, in a short few months, Work from Home not only became a norm but a relatively successful model, with many companies taking it on for sections of their workforce. Whilst there will always be differing opinions – just like the open plan office when it made its debut – Work from Home is undoubtedly here… and here to stay!

Organisations themselves transformed and changed their restrictive policies in support of Work from Home and realised that perhaps taking the first step to extend trust to their people will create a mutually trusting and beneficial environment.

In fact, many people are sharing challenges they face as they now head back to Work from Work and the time they fear will be lost in navigating unnecessary workplace obligations and energy/time leaks like long meetings, obligatory catch-ups, workplace politics, and many others.

Work from Home will become an integral and viable option for majority provided organisations think ahead and plan on a multitude of initiatives like:

01 Continuing to build trust with their People and showcase trust successes.
02 Defining ways of measuring performance and deliverables.
03 Changing policies and restrictions that limit access and ease of work.
04 Creating IT solutions which enable collaboration and networking.
05 Measuring engagement of the People whilst being away from their workplace.
06 Communicating effectively, creatively, clearly, and transparently.

Work from Home or Work from Work.. What’s your pick?


From thinking: about the next normal to making it work: What to stop, start and accelerate McKinsey & Company May 15, 2020 by Kevin Sneader and Shubham Singhal

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Aseem Kapoor

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