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Finding success through Happiness | Featured Guest – Larissa Redaelli, Coach & Author

S-1, Ep-5 | Finding success through Happiness | Featured Guest – Larissa Redaelli, Coach & Author

Happydemic! An intriguing and fresh take on the current challenging environment we are all facing and have been affected by – personally or at work. The big question remains – can organizations actually adopt a “Happydemic” mindset and create an environment that is simply happy? Or is it still considered too “soft” an approach that most organizations deter to enter into, lest it creates a culture of laid back, lackadaisical, irresponsible people especially in a market climate where every organization is trying its level best to financially survive and be viable.

Employee happiness at workplace has always been related to once a year engagement score – which seems to be more of a tick-box exercise to fulfill a KPI rather than actually do something about it. A shift to regular – even daily feedback – is happening and the role that a leader plays in ensuring and creating a happy culture is paramount. Then again, perhaps the choice to be happy or unhappy lies with us.

In the latest episode of ARKcast, I speak to Larissa Redaelli, Happiness Master Coach and International Author who recently published her book – Happydemic – which is a reflection of her personal experiences and journeys in the quest to find her happiness and in the process has created models that enable everyone to take charge of their own happiness. The impact on organizations is undeniable as we all know happy employees = happy customers but does it really translate into an actual part of an organization’s strategic plan?

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Aseem Kapoor

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