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Buzzwords and Gig Economy

Buzzwords and Gig Economy

Senior candidate required: Dynamic, agile, multi-faceted, intrapreneur, go-getter who can question the norms and be creatively strategic..  oh and should be a millennial! How many times do we hear this when it comes to organizations needing senior talent for critical roles within the organizations. Is it a real requirement or have we become so used to the buzzwords that we just use them to make us look “in tune” with things.  The question remains..  do these buzzwords and the concept of gig economy really translate into actual selection for senior leaders? Do organizations consider short-term assignments for senior business leadership roles? Or do they still prefer the traditional profiles and these remain what they are… just buzzwords! On this episode of ARK-chats, I had the pleasure of having Phil Street, Founder and Director of Momentum Recruitment who thrives in value-based senior executive recruitment and we have an interesting conversation around this every topic.  Tune in and let me know what you think?

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Aseem Kapoor

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