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The Case of the Revolving Door – ARKcast

S-1, Ep-4 | The Case of the Revolving Door | Featured Guests – Sumeet & Kyriakos

The revolving door of employee turnover has been an ongoing challenge for businesses – large and small, globally and closer to home, here in the UAE too. Sooner or later, leaders will have to shift their mindset and start looking at employees as co-creators of the business; vs.’ CTC’. In the Hospitality and Service Industry, employees sit at the intersection of a business and the customer or guest experience; which makes hiring and retaining the right talent even more important.

After all, everyone has talent – but it’s about finding the right talent! Aligned to ARK’s Philosophy of Hiring Right for Success, host Aseem Kapoor recently caught up with entrepreneurs and ARK Affiliate Partners Sumeet Nayyar and Kyriakos Tzampazidis who share a similar passion of success through hiring the right people and harnessing the power of AI to help leaders across the Service Industry find, hire and retaining talent more suited to thrive in their organizations’ culture. Tune in to the latest episode of ARKcast to find out how AI aides the decision making process and is a great enabler in identifying talent with the right skill-set; predict with almost 60-70% accuracy the likelihood of their long term stability, productivity and performance, which eventually impacts bottom-line and help save costs attributed to high employee turnover.

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Aseem Kapoor

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