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Guest Experience As A Competitive Advantage – ARKcast

S-1, Ep-3 | Guest Experience As A Competitive Advantage | Featured Guest – Paul Bridger, Rove Hotels

At one time, organizations could compete heavily based on product differentiation. A better, more luxurious, efficient and sleeker product could create its own niche and build its identity; that may well still be true for some industries. In reality though, for most, it’s a crowded marketplace today. For one product, you have multiple options available in the market with marginal differences only. This leads to confusion and decision paralysis for a customer. Many hospitality and service brands also compete on the basis of price, product, location, etc; with the recent battlefront being “delivering a great Customer or Guest Experience”. But whilst many brands claim or leaders believe in this, it seems to seldom translate.As #RoveHotels now gear up to open their 7th

hotel in Dubai, ARK’s Chief ARK-itect Aseem Kapoor catches up with Paul Bridger – Head of Operations for Rove Hotels. Paul came on board in the early stages of the brand development and plays a key role in how the brand is positioned today, within its own white space in the mid-market segment.Right from the start, it was clear – what would help a brand like Rove to leave a mark, would be the experience they deliver. Again, typically whilst having a great product is crucial, mapping a great experience takes a lot more than just looking at all your touchpoints and seeing the world as your customers would. The glue that holds it together is your People – something that’s often overlooked. But for Rove, or “Rovesters” as they proudly call themselves, is that secret ingredient that would bind the whole experience together.Tune in to our latest episode as Paul Bridger chats with host Aseem Kapoor about how his team of Rovesters ‘Go Beyond Borders’, which sets the brand apart and hold its own ground, in a market place that has a plethora of options for travellers to choose from.

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Aseem Kapoor

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