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Surviving The Corporate Crash – ARKcast

S-1, Ep-1 | Surviving The Corporate Crash | Featured Guest – Laura Garton

COVID-19 has caused a shake-up so sudden, that it defies comparison. But amidst the chaos, there’s always a silver lining. #Upwork’s recent ‘Freelance Forward: 2020 Report’ highlights some interesting findings on how a significant number of Americans continued to #Freelance amid the pandemic and contributed $ 1.2 trillion to the economy. The increase was partly fueled by an influx of young, highly-skilled professionals transitioning from full-time jobs to full-time hustling or freelancing and seeking alternatives to traditional employment. On this maiden episode of ARKcast, we chat with Laura Garton – an independent Learning & Development professional whos’ journey from a full-time corporate role to an independent freelance consultant, has been nothing short of inspiring!

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Aseem Kapoor

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