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Are you Fit to Lead?

Being “Fit to Lead” takes the front seat!

Fitness and it’s integral correlation towards enhancing leadership effectiveness is undeniable. With resilience fast becoming one of the key attributes that leaders need to have in order to lead teams and organizations, the role of fitness – mind, body and soul – is coming more and more to the forefront. Building resilience or being resilient is not just necessitated due to the current environment but due to a general volatility that exists in the market. According to “2019 Mercer” report, 50% of leaders face stress on a regular basis and attribute it to the challenges of the workplace. However, only 29% of Millennials and 26% of Gen Xer’s put time aside for fitness and pursuit of physical activities to mentally stimulate themselves. As per The Institute of Healthcare Consumerism survey, only 59% of companies actually follow any kind of consistent and measurable approach to fitness, health and overall well-being being the organization . I engaged in conversation with Amjad Khan, an ARK Affiliate Partner and a well renowned fitness guru and personal trainer who helps individuals and corporations define their fitness goals and supports them on the journey. Listen in to find out how fitness directly impacts leadership effectiveness and helps to build resilience. If you someone looking to start off their fitness journey, listen in to the full conversation at xx and find out three simple steps for you to kick-start and make fitness a way of life! Dubai 30×30 Fitness Challenge may be over but don’t let your fitness journey end!

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Aseem Kapoor

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